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Award Winning Brands 2020

This year we are excited to win 6 Rebrand Awards plus 3 sparkly new Golds at Transform - hoopla!

Posted by Hamza

Award winning creative agency Unisono maintains its hard earned reputation as one of the leading strategic creative firms in West Asia (AKA the Middle East!).  This years wins include a Distinction at Rebrand (thats a hard-to-win award if ever there was one!) and not one but three shiny new Golds at Transform.

3 More Transform Golds for Award Winning Creative Agency, Team Unisono

2020 = pain ok? But nothing keeps the smiles on your face like a lovely shiny gold trophy, or three. 2020 showed us the best and worst that life can chuck at you, but Unisono proves its worth as the creative shop to work with.. if you are looking for strategic creative brilliance.

Award Winning Creative Agency

Winning a Distinction at Rebrand is not easy, but we have done it no less than seven times in 14 years. Pretty impressive stuff. In fact, winning one award at Rebrand puts your work in the top 100 best brands in Rebrand, so imagine winning six! Six! Go figure? Yes, we were beyond delighted. After our amazing showing at Rebrand 2020 we were totally stoked to pick up not one but 3 Golds at Transform. Wapan! What a year! And one to remember, for all the right and wrong reasons..

Our perfectly formed, award winning creative agency picked up the following 13 lucky awards in 2020:

  1. Rebrand. Distinction. Mala’a
  2. Rebrand. Merit. Alhoty
  3. Rebrand. Merit. Gulf Researcher
  4. Rebrand. Merit. Ertiqa
  5. Rebrand. Merit. Britus
  6. Rebrand. Merit. Bank Muscat
  7. Gold. Alhoty Best visual identity from industrial and basic materials
  8. Gold. Zeedni ‘Best Use of Packaging’
  9. Gold. Ertiqa Best visual identity from a charity/NGO/not-for-profit
  10. Silver. Ertiqa Best visual identity from technology, media and telecommunications
  11. Highly Commended. Mala’a Best visual identity from the public sector
  12. Highly Commended. Zeedni ‘Best Visual Identity from the Food and Beverage Sector’
  13. Highly Commended. Zeedni ‘Best Use of Copy Style/Tone of Voice’ 

Executive Creative Director Liam Farrell said “I’m the world’s worst exaggerator, but this is an amazing year for us on the global creative stage. Thanks to all the loyal clients who keep giving us the chance to transform the world, one brand at a time!”

The whole agency gives due praise and thanks to each and every client that has chosen Team Unisono to help them achieve brand brilliance. Without their kind consideration, unwavering loyalty and hard work, we would not be able to achieve such remarkable results year after year.

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award winning identity creative agency
2020 has been a disaster of a year in many ways, but not in terms of awards for Unisono! Further cementing its reputation for global best practice in strategic brand development at Rebrand, with no fewer than 6 awards... plus 3 new shiny Gold Transform Awards - this year has been remarkable for all the right (and wrong) reasons.
Liam Farrell. Creative Director + Director of Branding
Ertiqa Billboard from Award Winning Creative Agency Unisono

As an award winning creative agency we know we can only do it with great client. Here are two whose work has been celebrated at 2020's global award shows. Triple winning (Rebrand, Transform and IVIA) Mala'a (top) and Gold Transform award winner Ertiqa (bottom).

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