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Award Winning Brands 2020

2020 has been great for one thing at least... awards! 6 Rebrand Awards and 3 x Gold at Transform - Boom!

Ertiqa. Rebrand

Ertiqa. Rebrand

Ertiqa's Transform Gold Award winning rebrand helps lead the way for digital waste transformation.

Mala’a. Rebrand

Mala’a. Rebrand

Introducing Mala'a; the new credit bureau and data analytics expert from Oman's Central Bank.

Shamsaha. ‘It’s Not OK’ campaign

A new campaign for the mighty Shamsaha; empowering women to say "its no ok".

Blog. Sales strategy 101

Every business needs sales to survive. There are some key considerations to sales which will ensure your business can thrive even in a gloomy market. Here is our strategic view.

Services. Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy is about knowing your customers, understanding the conversation they want to have with you and where they want you to connect with them.

Services. Web Design & eCommerce

Great web design is about creating seamless online customer experiences that provide content that builds brand engagement.

KHCB. Al Waffer Club

What are your chances of winning Al Waffer? Well you might be happy to learn this lessor known fact; compared with many other prize funds, winning Al Waffer is surprisingly likely!

KHCB. Al Waffer Club

Who wouldn't like to get there hands on the KHCB's end of year Al Waffer Grand Prize?

Harbour Heights. Brand Identity

A transformation that takes real estate brand development to the highest heights.

Blog. Real estate digital strategy, the second bit

The second part of our two part review of the mechanics of digital strategy - in this instance, marketing a regional leader in real estate.

Blog. Real estate digital marketing, a case study in two parts

Digital marketing can be a daunting affair unless you have a plan and a structure - luckily the digital team at Unisono have both. Here is how they do it.

Blog. Precise marketing language – how concise content creates impact.

Is your marketing communication concise and to the point or bloated and full of needless fluff? Does concision and precision affect your brand engagement and ultimately, the bottom line? This is what we think...

Harbour Club. Brand Identity

A club of distinction is being built one member at a time, down by the harbour. Perhaps its time to ask yourself.. "are you in the club?"

Services. Advertising Promotions.

Promotional advertising campaigns share your brand offering as directly as possible to those who will benefit most from what you can provide.

Unisono Wins a Whopping 6 Trophies at Rebrand 2020

Unisono is celebrating a record year at Rebrand with no less than 6 awards for work with our clients in Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Incredible.

Services. Brand Identity Design.

A well-designed identity builds the right perception in your audience's mind, clearly communicating the capability, culture and strategic intention of your firm.

Unisono Wins Two Golds at IVIA 2019

Unisono is celebrating another great showing at IVIA with two Golds and a Silver across multiple categories.

Blog. The difference between marcom and branding.

How well do you understand the difference between branding and marcom? In this blog we will explore these differences in a little detail. Hope it helps!

Blog. Creative awards; how important are they?

Leading agencies usually spout a lot about their awards as if it makes a difference to a client - but does it? What are awards and why are leading agencies so jazzed by them?

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