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Arunita Praharaj

Have one convo with Nita and you'll get enlightened about politics, business and lipsticks!

Posted by Ahmad Taha

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.
Khalil Gibran

No one knows how to value relationships better than Nita! She knows exactly how to keep her clients and colleagues confident and smiling at all times. Wondering what the feeling is like? Just like a giant warm hug. She’s our serial hugger after all!

Everyone has a ‘why’ or a purpose and Arunita’s is building relationships based on trust. She’s all about commitment and people trusting her and believe it or not, you want to be a part of her circle of trust!

Arunita is a former accountant who dove into the creative side of life and pursued Global and Political Journalism in the UK. You can ask her about her experiences in reporting and she’d tell you about it animatedly whilst fangirling her favourite political authors. You can’t help but laugh at her excitement and feel proud at the same time.

Being a journalist and a Grammar Nazi, it is no surprise she hates typos. No point hiding now, ugly typos. You know she can see you! Aside from journalism and writing, she loves dancing, reading everything (she reads our client servicing manual from start to finish), social media and world politics with a special emphasis on Indian politics – she frequently obsesses over day to day issues and constantly scrolls through news apps.

A part-time lipstick hoarder, Arunita owns the best collection in the business although her favourite remains the classic red. Having said that, no one rocks the colour red like this girl! Just like the multitude of lipsticks she owns, Arunita is multiple personalities in one. Quirky and hyper? That’s Arunita. Calm and professional? That’s Arunita too! She knows exactly which personality works for every situation.

All in all, Arunita likes to do more and gets bored when she feels like she’s not getting enough done. She believes that the more she does, the more the universe does for her. Care to guess what she does on weekends? Nothing much, really…She’s just a foreign correspondent on the side who writes and blogs for a couple of local and international publications and broadcasts for one.

We all wonder what’s with Arunita and cleaning?! Remember Monica from FRIENDS? She’s kind of like her. She also cleans the office fridge if you know what I mean. Arunita is amazing in every way and we just love how she brings good vibes to Unisono HQ!

Education & Experience:

Arunita graduated from Newcastle University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance and then pursued her Masters in Global Journalism from The University of Sheffield in the year 2016-2017. She then started her career as the Digital Marketing Executive for UK’s main transport and logistics framework, the Road Haulage Association and developed a keen interest in the wonders of social media advertising and branding. Not so long after that, she entered the brilliant world of Unisono and painted our walls with her dazzling creativity.

Client List:

Arunita’s clients range from real estate to health and beauty such as GFH Properties, Dilmunia, Al Hoty Analytical Services, Al Nooh, Bahrain Airport Company, Derma One, Hospitalia by Yara.

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