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Amy’s TedX Talk

Amy shares her views on what could be stifling innovation in the Middle East at the recent TedX in Sakhir.

Our CEO and spiritual guide Amy Morgan was asked recently to give a TedX Talk in Sakhir, Bahrain. Her subject concerned what has been holding the Middle East back from achieving its potential. Never one to shy from the spotlight, our zen master of all things strategic took to the challenge like a camel to a sand dune.

Like all good Tedx talks, Amy’s left us all thinking a little bit deeper after she shared her views. A perspective derived from an investigation into what could be holding the Middle East back in terms of its innovation and progress. Amy is someone who has a track record of helping people make sense of their situation, so who would be better to call on for such a tasty TedX talk? After ten years of living and breathing the air in Bahrain, Amy has been able to understand this place a little bit best. With such perspective, Amy was able to consider the contrast between the place she calls home and Great Britain, the land of her school days.

A great TedX Talk requires original ideas

Amy’s Tedx Talk focussed on what was stopping the Middle East from releasing it’s true potential – it’s inner brilliance. In her talk she compares collectivist and individualist cultures from around the world. She gives examples of what shapes them and what manifests within their ‘norms’. In the Middle East, one thing resisting the free flow of innovation is the consideration of what ‘others might think’. There is actually an expression for this in Arabic which is the title of her Ted Talk. A true insight, this consideration permeates Middle Eastern cultures and pushes those who would otherwise follow a path of innovation into more ‘respectable’ or typical professions, such as banking and medicine.

Without wanting to put any spoilers out there, let me leave you to watch, listen and learn.  Amy will share with you her insights and considerations on how the Middle East can learn to release its innovation, prosper from the results and make the best of collectivist and individualist cultures. Enjoy the Tedx Talk.

You can see the original TedX post here

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