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GFH. Ambient Marketing

The natural beauty of the Arabian landscape revealed in compelling imagery and bold type.

Posted by Ahmad Taha

“Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.”
–Torrie T. Asai

A quick introduction to GFH’s ambient marketing project at Al Areen

Al Areen is a location set close to Bahrain’s world famous formula one circuit at Sakhir. The area has been the scene of a lot of stalled development and local residents were complaining that the area was an eyesore compared to the once beautiful, if ruggedly natural landscape. Soon enough, this perception was changed when Unisono developed an ambient marketing project for the area.

Challenges we faced in developing the ambient marketing

GFH, the owners of the site wanted to ensure the location’s natural beauty was not impaired. Towards Q2 of 2018, the firm approached Unisono with its desire to beautify the location. Long term, the site would be cloaked in new trees the developer was sowing but until they were grown, a solution to make the area look more appealing was sought.

Our strategic approach and creative solution

Our concept was to beautify the area by leveraging the natural beauty of the Arabian landscape, its flora and fauna. To incite a sense of curiosity with the public, we were briefed to make this a none-marketing communication – to coin a phrase, we used ‘Ambient Marketing’. Unisono developed three unique creative routes and the selected concept marries the brilliance of wildlife photography with inspiring thoughts expressed through intriguing messaging. In our final execution, we explored a soft editorial look and feel, with black and white imagery juxtaposed with low saturation colour shots of the region’s wildlife. It displayed contrasts of light and dark which carried bold quotes and statements of empowerment and community.

The final ambient marketing was a fantastic result for GFH

The finished product was a beautiful hoarding that stretched for a total length of 1,5 KM. We’re proud to deliver another great result for one of our long-standing clients and we’re happy to have played a pivotal role in making this natural landscape a little more inviting to passers-by and residents alike.

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