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KHCB. Al Waffer Club

Winning is easier than you imagined... with Al Waffer from KHCB

Posted by Jorge Oliveira

Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing
Vince Lombardi

The Al Waffer spring campaign plays on a unique product insight – this is statistically one of the easiest prize to win in Bahrain’s competitive bank prize fund segment. With this insight in hand, the creative maestros in Unisono’s advertising team set to work to bring this campaign to life.



A little bit about the Al Waffer spring campaign

As we mentioned in the previous post on KHCB’s campaigns (see the work here) from our auditing of the competition in this highly competitive sector, we knew the bank could make its fund marketing stand out by being both fun and conceptual – no other bank was doing any thing remotely conceptual. We also had a rock solid insight regarding the product – the likelihood of winning is actually notably higher with Al Waffer than with any other product in the category.

Al Waffer spring campaign creative strategy

Our creative ideation for the Al Waffer spring campaign focussed on ‘how easy it is to win big, with Al Waffer. From a few rounds of ideation we were set on the creative direction – lampooning the notion of winning (or succeeding) by making the odds stupidly large in your favour. We played around with a number of ideas until we hit upon the three we felt were best-aligned to our segment – Fishing, Football and Golf.

With the ideas set, we went on safari with some models, lights, a few props and a trusty cameraman to shoot some action. With a handy lick of a photoshop air brush, the three campaign master visuals were ready for prime time and to be applied across a range of brand touch points, on line and off.

The Al Waffer spring campaign results

The campaign flighted in spring 2020 to much ado and some surprisingly positive numbers (considering Covid was stalking the land through out spring). We helped the client to exceed projections and garner positive feedback from all quarters, high and low. Good news all around. Keep your eyes peeled for more work from Unisono’s intrepid advertising team in subsequent posts!

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