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Al Reem Hotel. Website

Simple, elegant and refined web UX and UI for this 5 star Saudi hotel and residential complex.

Posted by Ahmad Taha

My definition of a good hotel is a place I'd stay at.
Robert De Niro.

Background and context for this new Saudi hotel website

Al Reem is a Saudi hotel brand and residential complex based in Al Jubail in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. The eastern province of KSA suffers from a lack of accommodation and secure residential units. Al Jubail is an industrial city and home to a large volume of highly skilled expat industrial workers who come for temporary contract work in the city. This new Saudi hotel website is a keystone in their communication arsenal.

From the company’s experience in dealing with HR departments at firms located in Al Jubail, they knew finding good people who will stay in the city has hitherto been a challenge. In addition to this, many firms state that the main concerns of employees are safety for them selves and their families. Many families also complain of poor facilities for them and their children in the city.

Having a good digital presence is key to helping convince clients of the quality of services the company can offer and to showcase the units, the facilities and the many food and beverage venues that operate on the premises, which are also open to the general public.

Saudi hotel website strategy and design challenges

Designing a Saudi hotel website comes with challenges. The key challenge for the brand was how can it create an offer that illustrates core considerations such as the need for security while representing a welcoming, homely nature to its prospective customers too. Other challenges were how to express the name in a way that was acceptable to the local patrons, who could frequent the many food and beverage outlets, whilst also being appropriate to the expat residents.

The brand had no strategy and no consideration was paid to how it would promote itself to the different market segments. The brand had no strength in its visual identity and no definition in its positioning and it lacked any promise to its consumers.


We had to create a brand strategy that could express all the brand had to offer and one which was simple to express to a very disparate audience – from local Saudis to expats from Texas to Tokyo and everywhere in between.

Creative and branding strategy

The creative strategy for this specific Saudi hotel website was drawn from Al Reem’s brand design – simple, elegant functionalism holds sway over complex navigation elements or needless content fluff. The large images and simple content structure make for easy and graceful communication with their target audience. We wanted a site that felt as easy and as comfortable as the property itself.

Results of the new digital

We are delighted the branding design won several awards at the prestigious Transform Awards and the hotel has enjoyed enviable occupancy since opening. The website has been pivotal in helping the firm to build its credibility amongst its key demographic – expatriate oil and industrial workers. The easy interface design and simple navigation scheme have given the site enviable stats for duration and visitor numbers alike. The overall UX of the site is every bit as comfortable as the hotel itself making it a perfect match for the brand.

Why not take a look at our great work on Al Reem brand on http://www.unisonoagency.com/branding-alreem-hotel-jubail/

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