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Ajdan. Brochure & Collateral

A unique set of high quality marketing tools for this Rolls Royce real estate project

Posted by Ahmad Taha

The best, or nothing.
Mercedes Benz

Lets start with a little background to this real estate marketing collateral project  

Unisono’s client Aloula, is a one of Saudi Arabia’s leading real estate companies as well as a long time client of the agency’s Founding Partner and Creative Director, Liam Farrell. The firm is renowned for its prowess in turning the sand of KSA’s eastern province into golden opportunities for investors. Their sub-contractors typically sub-develop Aloula’s development land into skyline-defining real estate projects. The firm was now moving from being a developer of land into a developer of real estate – big moves.

Our challenge was to create remarkable real estate marketing collateral for a landmark, waterfront property

Working with the existing tools was not going to create the kind of prestige the project required. What a project of this importance needed was real estate marketing collateral that could convey a reputation as easily as the architecture of the project could turn heads. We knew typical solutions would not help to communicate the premier quality of the tower and its surrounding retail footprint. This project was going to require a finish worthy of a Rolls.

The strategic thoughts 

Our aim was to deliver a truly remarkable set of real estate marketing collateral. We used our strategic thinking to create thoughtful design and powerful brand messaging which was ultimately delivered through brilliant production. Taking the name Ajdan, which is the Arabic word for ‘Twilight’ or ‘Mezzanine’, we created a campaign and real estate marketing collateral that built a powerful impression on those who were lucky enough to receive them.

We took photography of sunrises and sunsets across the sea that captured the spirit of the project and conveyed the incredible views no other tower in the country could offer its residents. These were used as a visual narrative in the front section as well as being peppered throughout the brochure’s multiple content section; such as the incredible view from the infinity pool.

Real estate marketing collateral that gets results

The final set of marketing collateral has too be seen to be believed. The collection has caught the attention of its intended audience; KSA’s seriously HNIs. The set of VIP brochures and floor plans were cast in anthracite grey with matt silver foil details. These were then housed in a solid boxset and placed into an anthracite bag for sales reps to deliver in person across the Kingdom. This rare set of VIP real estate marketing collateral was re accompanied by an even rarer VVIP set, featuring a tactile black substrate with gold foil and bank embossed details. Painstakingly tested, sampled and produced by our print partners in the Kingdom the final impression is seriously, well… impressive.

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Services delivered:

Strategy, Branding, Messaging, Graphic Design, Digital Design & Signage, Retouching, Sales Centre Graphics.

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