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Ahmad Taha.

A copywriter whose prose can be quite trance-inducing.

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Say it with flowers, or split infinitives, it's all the same to me.

Ahmad is Jordan’s loss and Bahrain’s gain. A verbal gymnast with a physique to match, this writer is one of the few writers to never do a rewrite – cos he hits it first time, every time.

Ahmad was born and raised in Amman, Jordan and learnt his trade working in management solutions and support at a company called Extensya. Ahmad joined the media and publications industry when he joined Bahraini company, D3 Consultants. After a sting in publications, he decided that he wanted to join the wilder and infinitely more whacky industry of advertising.

At Unisono, Ahmad’s day begins and ends with writing, translating and opining on all manner of creative work. Typically found with his nose in an English dictionary trying to decipher our Creative Director’s verbal offerings, Ahmad is a master translator and with a hawk eye level of perfection in proof reading – in either language. When he is not rewriting, copywriting or indulging in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, he can usually be found with his headphones on listening to some banging trance music.

Soccer crazy, Ahmad’s favorite team is those chancres of the Spanish game, Real Madrid (tho secretly we think he is a Sheffield Wednesday fan). Ahmad also likes to pot a few balls in his spare time and can often be seen getting his leg over a billiard table or two. Not content with his sporting activities, Ahmad is also inclined to take a few snaps here and there and has even helped out around the studio with a few shots for this website.

Apart from his burgeoning love of all things ‘Yorkshire’, Ahmad is also secretly becoming a big fan of InDesign.

Education & Experience:

Graduated with a bachelor degree in English Language & Translation from Al Ahliyyah Amman University (A.A.U), Jordan.

Client List:

Batelco, GFH, TRA, Tamkeen, Hussain Al Namer & Sons, Sonax, SAF, Masdar, ADIB, Baraka Bank, First Bahrain, Majaal, Diyar Al Muharraq

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