Unisono exists because we believe in brilliance. Our purpose is to discover your brilliance and help you share it with your audience in delightfully compelling ways that help you achieve remarkable results.


Blog. Do conceptual advertising campaigns produce greater sales and higher recall or not?

We think that conceptual adverts have better ROI, but is there any science behind this notion? Does making your customers think about your advert increase recall, impact and ultimately sales?

La Marine. Menu

La Marine. Menu

Sumptuous and highly tactile new menus for Bahrain's favourite seafood restaurant.

GFH. Annual Report 2014

GFH. Annual Report 2014

A slick new annual report for GFH features premier papers and classy typography throughout.

Blog. How to succeed in the creative industry.

Our friends from Sabaya magazine interviewed our restless Executive Creative Director Liam Farrell recently about Unisono, the creative industry and how our unique approach enables Unisono to win so many awards.

Unisono wins TRA roaming awareness campaign

Unisono has been appointed to work on a major new awareness campaign for Bahrain's telecom industry regulator.

Unisono wins Enpac brand development brief for a new KSA hotel concept.

Unisono is really excited by its appointment with JTC to work on the strategic development of the brand for a new hospitality concept in KSA.

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